Trade Station

Avance TradeStation is a thick client designed for brokers and dealers to enter orders with credit management. Its state-of-the-art technologies are platform independent employing multi-thread design to enhance response time for the best user experience.

  • Platform Independent
  • User Friendly
  • Multi-Thread
  • Real Time Margin Calculation
  • Fast Response Time
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What is

  • Avance Trade Station

    is the user interface that forms the primary front end to Avance's trading platform. This thick client is implemented with the latest platform independent technology that provides the most user friendly experience. The multi-thread technology used in TradeStation allows maximum utilization of client machine's CPU power to provide the most responsive user experience. The platform independent technology will allow our customer to deploy the system to their platform of choice.

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Related Product

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    Trade Server

    is the middle tier of a multi-tier architecture that forms the back bone of Avance's trading platform.

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    Trade Portal

    is the thin client built with Web 2.0 technologies providing the best user interaction experience over the Internet.