Trade Server

Avance TradeServer is a Broker Supplied System (BSS) compliant with HKEx's AMS/3 protocol. Its function is to route orders to HKEx's trading system. It has built in failover and clustering design such that multiple Open Gateways can be used for redundancy and real time failover.

  • High Salability
  • High Availbility
  • High Performance
  • Automatic Fail Over
  • Fast Recovery
  • Platform Independent
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What is

  • Avance Trade Server

    is the middle tier of a multi-tier architecture that forms the back bone of Avance's trading platform. This Server is responsible for the business logic that performs credit management as well as failover and load balancing. The message based technology used in TradeServer allows easy integration with third party front end solutions. Financial firms and any investment institution can build their own trading application according to their own business processes and integrate with our server to build robust trading platform solutions. This would allow institutions to focus on their core competence and not have to worry about technical implementation of an order routing system to HKEx's AMS/3 platform.

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Related Product

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    Trade Station

    is the user interface that forms the primary front end to Avance's trading platform.

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    Trade Portal

    is the thin client built with Web 2.0 technologies providing the best user interaction experience over the Internet.