Trade Portal

Avance TradePortal is a thin client built with web 2.0 technologies for the best user interaction experience over the Internet. The targeted user are the Internet users who wants fast action to trade anywhere in the world over the Internet.

  • Asychronous Data Transfer
  • User Friendly
  • Multi-Thread
  • Internet Based
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What is

  • Avance Trade Portal

    is the second front end to Avance's trading platform. This thin client is implemented with the latest web 2.0 technology that provides the most user friendly experience. The asynchronous technology used in TradePortal enables the most friendly and responsive user experience.

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Related Product

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    Trade Server

    is the middle tier of a multi-tier architecture that forms the back bone of Avance's trading platform.

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    Trade Station

    is the user interface that forms the primary front end to Avance's trading platform.