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Our Services

Avance's Technology

offers high availabilty, scalability and performance. It is built with the latest multi-tiered internet architecture. Our thick client user interface is platform independent and utilize native OS resources for fastest user interaction.

Our flexible adaptor layer can be augmented with different adaptors for different markets as well as data integrator for different back office management systems.

I. Customization

At Avance Technology, we understand an out-of-box sofware product does not always meet the requirement of a customer. We are ready to provide customization to our software so that our customers can invest in exactly what they need and maximize their return on investment.


II. Implementation

A software is only a solution if implemented right. Avance has unparalleled industrial implementation experience to provide valuable expertise to our customers in implementing solutions using our software. We provide services such as Solution Architecture Design, Data Integation, Business Process Re-Engineering.


III .Consultation

We provide consultation related to information technologies. Our area of expertise ranges from software development, networking to software and hardware selection. We are one of the first company in Hong Kong to deploy our software on blade server technologies.


IV. Management

We provide project management during different phrases of a project ranging from conception, design and development to deployment. Our expertise in these area are proven with pragmatic approaches.


V. Solution Hosting

Due to the mission critical nature of our software, the requirement of maintaining the hardware and software of a high availability solution is very stringent. The cost of acquiring the personnel with the right expertise is also high. Understanding that our customers might not want to carry these high costs, we provide hosting services with our data center partners so that our customers can dedicate their resources on their core competence.

Solution Hosting