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Our Products

What is

  • Trade Server

    is the middle tier of a multi-tier architecture that forms the back bone of Avance's trading platform.

  • Trade Station

    is the user interface that forms the primary front end to Avance's trading platform.

  • Trade Protal

    is the thin client built with Web 2.0 technologies providing the best user interaction experience over the Internet

Think outside of the box

  • Customization

    We are ready to provide customization to our software so that our customers can invest in exactly what they need and maximize their return on investment.

  • Implementation

    We provide services such as Solution Architecture Design, Data Integation, Business Process Re-Engineering.

  • Inovations that takes you to the next level

    We provide consultation related to information technologies. Our area of expertise ranges from software development, networking to software and hardware selection.

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More integration

Our flexible adaptor layer can be augmented with different adaptors for different markets as well as data integrator for different back office management systems.